Max International Business Review

Max International is a company founded on the mission of bringing health and nutritional supplements to the consumer via distribution using the network marketing business model. The founders were passionate about the maintenance and improvement of health and they had a vision to bring beneficial health products to the global market place.

The group of founders for Max International entered the network marketing landscape because they wanted to change the lives of thousands through their products not only physically, but financially as well. They knew they had a product that would have mass appeal and health-changing benefits.

Max International entered the market place with a product called MAX GXL, which is beneficial in increasing an individual’s intracellular Glutathione. This extremely powerful antioxidant, Glutathione, is most effective with protecting the cells in the body resulting in increased energy and boosting your immune system. It has been determined through various studies that once an individual reaches the age of 20 years old, Glutathione decreases 12% every ten years. What can cause a further decrease are high levels of stress, illness, infection and the environment. In addition to Glutathione, this company has created many other health-related products.

This company has chosen a binary compensation plan, which allows a distributor to build a two-sided organization. In other words, you can build two sales organizations simultaneously. In the network marketing industry, a binary compensation plan is typically illustrated by having two legs within your organization; one on your left and one the right side of your business. Each organization is called a “leg”. The payout for the less productive leg is 10% of the sales, which is paid on a monthly basis. In addition, Max International has a seven-level pay structure, bonuses, company pools, top salesperson bonuses, and the standard commissions earned on the profits of the retail products sold.

Max International can be an excellent opportunity for someone who enjoys the network marketing business model and has the ability to recruit many people and can sell various products. However, if recruiting friends, family and associates is uncomfortable, I would continue to look for alternate ways to create income in your life.

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